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We live in a time when men's energies are directed toward economic security. Many men achieve economic success, only to find themselves emotionally and spiritually disconnected from the rest of life. Few of us are encouraged to identify with the arts as a source of strength, masculinity and spiritual development. As a result, many men suffer from a loss of creative vitality.

The Men's Art Forum provides revitalizing creative experiences. The MAF is a safe place to play, where men can express themselves and give form to their creative spirit in any medium. It's music and movement, poetry and painting, parenting and performance.

We encourage all men to give wonder and possibility free rein, to become more aware of their own creative expression and give it power. And then we encourage them to share that power in our meetings, exhibitions, workshops and online in our galleries.

The art and expression that come out in MAF's monthly meetings renews a direct and authentic connection within ourselves and with each other. The many facets of the creative process nurture us and heighten our ability to live fully. The Men's Art Forum honors the artistic fire in each of us.


Contact Steve and/or Jeff if you would like to contribute/get your work onto this site.


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